About us

About us

Unity Newspaper was published by the League of Revolutionary Struggle from 1978 to 1990. After the LRS dissolved in 1990, Unity Newspaper was published as a progressive journal by the Unity Organizing Committee until 1992. We've created an extensive website that posts key Unity articles as well as copies of Unity pamphlets and magazines such as The Black Nation, East Wind and Forward. For more information, visit the Unity Archive Project. 

Thirty years later, a number of us who wrote for Unity have decided to publish this online edition. Mainly, we saw  the need for action by all progressive minded people to stand up against the extreme right which intends to move our country towards a white Christian nationalist autocracy. We fought hard and long to see precious gains in civil and human rights. We want to join in and encourage the fight to preserve and expand those gains.

We are also working together again because we cherish the friendships we've built in struggle. We believe that together we can still make a contribution to building the progressive and revolutionary movements.

Unity 2022 is a modest effort to propagate progressive ideas. In the spirit of "it's better to be read than dead" (pun intended), we longtime activists have written about our work and how it transformed us. We also invite submissions from current activists who want to share reflections on today's issues and organizing efforts. It's your vision and energy that will move the progressive movement forward towards a socialist alternative to a decaying, yet still powerful, predatory capitalism.

Let's plant progressive ideas like seeds that will blossom in seasons to come.